Youth unemployment and underemployment is prevalent around the communities because young people lack skills, work experience, job search abilities and the financial resources to find employment. Whilst 12 million people enter the workforce each year, less than 10 per cent have had access to training, and whilst 90 per cent of jobs require vocational training, only 6 percent of the workforce receives any form of workplace training. Hence CAMS primary focus is on Personality Development and Skill development Trainings. Youth and women Cooperatives are being focused involving civil society organizations, social partners or government institutions addressing the enhancement of livelihoods of people.


         As a professional drama teacher, I see drama as a tool for education. It is a natural vehicle for explorative and experiential learning.  The drama gives a pathway to reflect on the learning process and the context in which it occurs. Drama is a way of life which is embedded in every individual from birth to death. Drama is helpful to learn, explore, and solve problems in difficult situations. Soft skills, regardless of level in society, are key to effectiveness in life. Beginning from self-confidence to communication skills and emotional intelligence, they all play a significant role in determining a person’s success and happiness. Several effective tools and processes are used for soft skills, Life skills training, the most effective being theater. CAMS has been effectively promoting Life skills training sessions to different school children through Drama Training sessions and outreach programmes.


  We believe in enhancing human skills through theater arts. We promote human capacities through training workshops, so as to help people understand situations and equip them to sustain solutions and overcome shortcomings. The process also helps to understand cause and effect of any given situation. We help organizations develop production on various themes based on the situational need by organizing field based and also closed room production workshops. We support social causes, help communities and individuals understand social concerns, causes for shortcomings in life and life cycle related circumstances.


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