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CAMS core values are abridged as DRAMA

M-Movement for


At CENTER FOR ARTS MEDIA AND SOCIAL WELFARE (CAMS), we are dedicated to helping individuals identify and elevate their cultural talents, empowering them to utilize these talents as an inspiring form of self-expression and a means for personal and social growth.

Through theater arts and media, we provide a platform for individuals to embrace their cultural heritage and creativity, fostering not only artistic expression but also personal development. Our mission is to enable individuals to discover their unique voice and, in doing so, contribute to their own growth and the advancement of society.

In alignment with our commitment, we use the transformative power of theater for social development, education, and the preservation of art and culture. Our objective is to leverage theater as a dynamic force for positive change, promoting education, empowering individuals, and safeguarding our rich cultural heritage.

By nurturing cultural talents and utilizing theater as a medium for social development, we create a vibrant space where individuals can thrive, connect with their community, and drive lasting positive change.



We envision a world where arts and education serve as the cornerstone of social, cultural, and economic empowerment. Our primary focus is on individuals and groups within marginalized urban and rural communities, with special emphasis on underprivileged children.

Our vision is to create a society where every individual, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to discover and unleash their full potential. We are committed to providing arts and education as transformative tools that empower people, fostering their self-sufficiency and self-sustainability.

We strive to break the cycle of poverty and inequality by offering training in arts and education, enabling individuals to realize their talents and seize opportunities for personal growth and progress within the broader social sphere. Our ultimate goal is to uplift individuals and communities, creating a world where every voice is heard, every talent is celebrated, and every life is marked by empowerment, prosperity, and shared cultural heritage.

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What Makes us Different?

Projects you can trust.

We fully vet every nonprofit in our community. We’ve even conducted site visits for most organizations—even those in the remote Amazon!

We’re not-for-profit.

Unlike some other crowdfunding platforms, our mission is to help nonprofits and donors have more impact, not to make a profit.

Training and support.

We offer tools, training, and one-on-one support to help nonprofits get the funding and resources they need.

Projects you can trust.

We fully vet every nonprofit in our community. We’ve even conducted site visits for most organizations—even those in the remote Amazon!

Direct connections.

Donors know exactly who and what they are funding. They can send and receive messages and get regular updates.

No hidden costs.

There’s no cost for nonprofits to join. Our 5-12% fee on donations is straightforward, all-inclusive, and drives higher returns than any other platform.

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