CAMS is committed to take affirmative measures – legislative, policy or otherwise – to promote and safeguard the right of all children to live and grow with equity, dignity, security and freedom, to ensure that all children have equal opportunities; and that no custom, tradition, cultural or religious practice is allowed to violate or restrict or prevent children from enjoying their rights.

On the lines of the National Policy CAMS believes in strengthening Child safety and work towards their integrated Development.

  • Survival, Health and Nutrition
  • Education and Development
  • Protection

Children have the right to be protected wherever they are; hence CAMS has been creating a caring, protective and safe environment for all children, to reduce their vulnerability in all situations and to keep them safe at all places, especially public spaces through street based awareness skits and Dramas.

  • Participation

         CAMS has been responsibly working towards ensuring that children are made aware of their rights, and provided with an enabling environment, opportunities and support to develop skills, to form aspirations and express their views in accordance with their age, level of maturity and evolving capacities, so as to enable them to be actively involved in their own development and in all matters concerning and affecting them. 

  • Advocacy and Partnerships

        CAMS integrated activities focus on encouraging the active involvement and collective action of individuals, families, local communities, non-governmental and civil society organizations, media and private sector including government in securing the rights of the child.

  • Coordination, Action and Monitoring

        For addressing the rights and needs of children requires programming across different sectors and integrating their impact on the child in a synergistic way. Since community and local governance play a significant role in ensuring the child’s optimum development and social integration, CAMS has been networking local and state level Child welfare forums and local governance bodies.

  • Research, Documentation and Capacity Building:

    CAMS focuses on implementation of child safety programmes through a comprehensive and reliable knowledge base on all aspects of the status and condition of children. Establishing such a knowledge base has been enabled through child focused research and documentation, both quantitative as well as qualitative. 


CAMS focus is on the importance of performing arts in school. Children participating in performing arts have shown to be calmer, less anxious and a feeling of empowerment when they have revisited their creation of art, music, dance and drama. Performing Art provides children with opportunities to experience new ways of thinking. They present different challenges all the time and children have to come up with their own ways of overcoming these challenges. Children learn to come up with their own innovative solutions to difficulties they may encounter along the way, which is a skill they can apply to many other situations in life. CAMS has been organizing training and participatory sessions for children at the state and national level thereby building upon their social, emotional, physical and even academic skills, resulting into enhanced cognitive, motor and social skills.



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