CAMS aims to work on the environment through Safe water management, Sanitation sector Reforms, Rural sanitation. Climate change will certainly exacerbate the current situation, with the most vulnerable population being women and children.

  • Lack of access to safe and adequate water: Five of the top ten common diseases in the districts are those associated with the lack of safe water supply and hygiene/sanitation
  • Lack of access to sanitation facilities: The prevalence of water related diseases is exacerbated due to lack of knowledge and proper hygiene and sanitation services. This implies that the village population defecates in open fields. Most people in the area, especially women, have to wait until it gets dark to go to the toilet, often walking long distances to find isolated spots due to long existed culture of the people. Girls miss school during menstrual period.
  • Lack of adequate sanitation and hygiene education Majority of the households in the rural areas live together with their animals and collect water for all domestic purposes including drinking and cooking from sources in which their livestock also drink and defecate.

CAMS seek to:

  • Provide hygiene promotion and education through multiple channels (interpersonal communication in household and group settings as well as relevant mass communication) for the people.
  • Promote safe water and sanitary latrines inputs to all secondary schools in the urban and rural areas with a specific focus on the needs of girls, including adolescents.
  • Implement an awareness campaign at the district level—and support awareness actions at the national level — and to sustain political support for the Health and Hygiene.
  • Implement training, education and community outreach activities with all schools in the urban and rural areas.


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