Performing arts and handicrafts have been the keystone of the art and culture of India. However, in recent years, due to the advent of other forms of entertainment, performing arts and handicrafts have taken a back seat. Lack of funds and a dearth of infrastructure have been hampering the growth. Today, theater is performed in 24 major languages, including English and several tribal languages. While Indian theater is still very niche, it has infinite varieties invigorated by individual talents, which is still attracting audiences in spite of the overwhelming popularity of its rivals.  CAMS also observed a remarkable need to promote the increasing opportunity for theater practitioners. CAMS also feel a growing need to explore the many ways in which multimedia can be used in performances. To preserve the theater and other ART forms, CAMS is promoting National and State level programmes.

Intercultural Development (through Performing Arts)

             CAMS believes in promoting Intercultural performances and work towards behavior change and related mediums of communication at the individual’s or group’s underlying orientation towards targeted concepts. CAMS have been focussed on training and leadership development efforts at building intercultural competence. The Intercultural based promotion through performances has been a core focussed area of CAMS.  CAMs also believes that it  is the  premier, cross-cultural and intercultural competence that is used by thousands of individuals and organizations to build intercultural competence to achieve international and domestic diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes.


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