As a part of our institutional services we undertake programmes utilizing media and ARTS as tools of reaching out to masses and communities. Some of our active programmes include providing TOT trainings, Cascading Trainings, Developing young artistes, Making people perform, Undertaking Campaigns, Community oriented awareness activities.

There is a team of 25 artists and all the members have theatre background, most of them are specially trained and experienced in the field of children theatre and applied theatre. As most of the team members are alumini of Central University of Hyderabad, pursuing theatre as a career.

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Preserving Theatre and other Arts Forms

Performing arts and handicrafts have been the keystone of the art and culture of India. However, in recent years, due to the advent of other forms of entertainment, performing arts and handicrafts have taken a back seat. Lack of funds and a dearth of infrastructure have been hampering the growth


CAMS has been promoting elements of theatre performance to structure participatory theatre experiences for people. CAMS have been promoting both functional role plays and simulations and also drama therapy to use theatre as a democratic process for the sharing of stories in safe

Child Safety & Integrated Development

CAMS is committed to take affirmative measures – legislative, policy or otherwise – to promote and safeguard the right of all children to live and grow with equity, dignity, security and freedom, to ensure that all children have equal opportunities; and that no custom, tradition,

women and Girl's Safety

Violence against women is a serious obstacle to achieving gender equality as it curtails women's mobility and limits their right to participate fully and freely as citizens in their communities. Violence strikes women from all kinds of backgrounds and of all ages.

Youth development & skills promotion

Youth unemployment and underemployment is prevalent around the communities because young people lack skills, work experience, job search abilities and the financial resources to find employment.

Vulnerable group’s welfare

In India there are multiple socio-economic disadvantages that members of particular groups experience which limits their access to health and healthcare. The task of identifying the vulnerable groups is not an easy one.

Environment and Climate Change

CAMS aims to work on the environment through Safe water management, Sanitation sector Reforms, Rural sanitation. Climate change will certainly exacerbate the current situation, with the most vulnerable population being women and children.

Public Health

CAMS believe that Community health is broader & encompasses the entire gamut of community-organized efforts for maintaining, protecting & improving the health of the people. CAMS adopts a synergistic approach by relating health to determinants of good health viz. segments of nutrition, sanitation, safe drinking water.

Food security and Agriculture

CAMS have been working with women groups in enhancing the awareness on importance of food, nutrition and food security to vulnerable groups, when and where needed. CAMS focused priorities are to To utilize theater arts to Improve household nutrition & Improve household management of infant and childhood illnesses

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