CAMS is involved in a wide array of projects, including addressing crucial issues related to education, employment, health, and sanitation through the transformative power of theatre. We actively conduct independent campaigns and awareness programs, often in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental entities, to address various social challenges and concerns. Our overarching goal is to catalyse positive societal change and enhance community well-being. 



Empowering Backward Classes, Women, and Girl Children


CAMS places a particular emphasis on empowering children from backward classes, women, and girl children. We firmly believe that by equipping them with essential life skills, we can help break the cycle of poverty and inequality. Through theater, we provide a safe space for these individuals to build confidence, communication skills, and resilience.


For women and girl children, we offer specialised programs that emphasise self-confidence, self-defence, and gender equality. We believe in the potential of women and girls to create positive change in their communities.


Life Skills Development


Our organisation is dedicated to life skills development through theater. We design programs that focus on teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and effective communication. These skills not only contribute to personal growth but also enhance employability, fostering a path to a brighter future.



Preserving Art and Culture


In parallel, CAMS places a strong emphasis on preserving India’s rich artistic heritage. We achieve this by offering comprehensive training programs for children, organizing captivating theatrical productions that celebrate the country’s cultural richness, hosting engaging workshops, and facilitating informative seminars on the arts. These efforts are strategically designed to engage and educate the younger generation while emphasizing the importance of preserving India’s artistic traditions.


Training Programs, Stage and Street Plays, Workshops


  • Liquor De-Addiction : CAMS offers programs to combat alcohol addiction, providing support and counselling to individuals seeking recovery and a healthier lifestyle. 

  • Child Sexual Abuse Awareness : CAMS conducts awareness programs to educate children and parents about child sexual abuse, equipping them with knowledge and self-protection skills to safeguard children’s well-being. 

  • Cyber Crime Awareness : Through informative workshops and campaigns, CAMS educates communities about the risks and prevention of cybercrime, fostering a safer online environment.

  • AIDS Awareness : CAMS promotes HIV/AIDS awareness, working to reduce the spread of the disease and support individuals affected by it.

  • Child Rights : CAMS advocates for children’s rights, ensuring their well-being and access to education and a safe environment.

  • Child Education : The organization provides educational opportunities to underprivileged children, focusing on improving literacy and educational access.

  • Traffic Awareness and Road Safety : CAMS engages in campaigns and workshops to promote safe road practices, reducing accidents and injuries.

  • Social Equality : CAMS fosters a sense of equality and inclusivity through initiatives that address social disparities and promote community cohesion. 

  • Human Resource Development : Through training and skills development programs, CAMS enhances employability and empowers individuals to lead productive lives.

  • Life Skills Project with Adolescent Girls : CAMS empowers adolescent girls with essential life skills, building their confidence, leadership abilities, and problem-solving skills.

  • Teacher Training Workshops on Life Skills Development : The organization conducts training programs for educators, equipping them to impart life skills to students effectively. 

  • Drama Therapy for Prisoners : CAMS uses drama therapy as a rehabilitative tool in correctional facilities, helping inmates with self-expression and personal growth.

  • Drama Therapy in Hospitals : In healthcare settings, CAMS employs drama therapy to aid healing, communication, and emotional well-being among patients. 

  • Workshops with Old-Age People and Backward Communities : CAMS conducts engaging workshops to improve the well-being and social integration of elderly and marginalized communities.

  • Acting Workshops : Aspiring actors and artists can benefit from CAMS’ training programs that develop their skills and craft in theater and performing arts. 

  • Life Skills Development and Art of Living Workshops : CAMS offers life skills development and personal growth workshops through theater for various groups, including software employees, corporate professionals, college students, and university students. 

  • Swachh Bharat (Clean India) : CAMS actively promotes cleanliness and sanitation as part of the Swachh Bharat initiative to create a cleaner and healthier environment. 

  • Open Defecation Eradication : The organization works to eradicate open defecation by advocating for improved sanitation facilities and educating communities on proper hygiene practices. 

  • Environment Protection : CAMS raises awareness and engages in activities to protect the environment, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices. 

  • Healthy Pregnancy : CAMS provides expectant mothers with support, education, and guidance for a healthy and safe pregnancy. 

  • Child Marriage Eradication : The organization advocates against child marriages, promoting awareness and legal enforcement to protect children from early marriages

  • Save Villages, Save Water : Initiatives aim to conserve water resources and protect rural communities from water scarcity and environmental degradation.

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CAMS has been promoting elements of theatre performance to structure participatory theatre experiences for people. CAMS have been promoting both functional role plays and simulations and also drama therapy to use theatre as a democratic process for the sharing of stories in safe

Preserving Theatre and other Arts Forms

Performing arts and handicrafts have been the keystone of the art and culture of India. However, in recent years, due to the advent of other forms of entertainment, performing arts and handicrafts have taken a back seat. Lack of funds and a dearth of infrastructure have been hampering the growth

Child Safety & Integrated Development

CAMS is committed to take affirmative measures – legislative, policy or otherwise – to promote and safeguard the right of all children to live and grow with equity, dignity, security and freedom, to ensure that all children have equal opportunities; and that no custom, tradition, cultural or religious practice is allowed

women and Girl's Safety

Violence against women is a serious obstacle to achieving gender equality as it curtails women's mobility and limits their right to participate fully and freely as citizens in their communities. Violence strikes women from all kinds of backgrounds and of all ages.

Youth development & skills promotion

Youth unemployment and underemployment is prevalent around the communities because young people lack skills, work experience, job search abilities and the financial resources to find employment.

Vulnerable group’s welfare

In India there are multiple socio-economic disadvantages that members of particular groups experience which limits their access to health and healthcare. The task of identifying the vulnerable groups is not an easy one.

Environment and Climate Change

CAMS aims to work on the environment through Safe water management, Sanitation sector Reforms, Rural sanitation. Climate change will certainly exacerbate the current situation, with the most vulnerable population being women and children.

Public Health

CAMS believe that Community health is broader & encompasses the entire gamut of community-organized efforts for maintaining, protecting & improving the health of the people. CAMS adopts a synergistic approach by relating health to determinants of good health viz. segments of nutrition, sanitation, safe drinking water.

Food security and Agriculture

CAMS have been working with women groups in enhancing the awareness on importance of food, nutrition and food security to vulnerable groups, when and where needed. CAMS focused priorities are to To utilize theater arts to Improve household nutrition & Improve household management of infant and childhood illnesses

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