CAMS has been promoting applied theater and using the elements of theatre performance to structure participatory theatre experiences for people. CAMS have been promoting both functional role plays and simulations and also drama therapy to use theatre as a democratic process for the sharing of stories in safe and structured processes.

CAMS has been utilizing applied theatre to

  • Promote students and teachers in meaningful dialogue about the issues and subjects under learning/discussion.
  • Promote and facilitate a theatre based environment whereby students can engage both cognitively and affectively with the material;
  • Encourage and develop fully interactive theater processes that engage students in theatre making through piloting

Theatre In Education

Culturally, India has been, and continues to be, a cradle of great diversity in all walks of life, with its myriad languages and dialects, with drama, theater and as many as seven classical dance forms and two classical music forms, many well-developed traditions of folk arts and music, pottery, sculptures and bronzes, exquisite architecture, incredible cuisines, fabulous textiles of all kinds, and so much more. These rich legacies to world heritage must not only be nurtured and preserved for posterity, but also enhanced and put to new uses through our education system. For instance, they can be integrated into a Liberal Arts education to help develop the creativity and originality of students, and to encourage them to innovate.  Hence CAMS is striving to link and become a platform of networking to promote drama as a medium to upscale the quality of education and also cognitive learnings.


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