Forum Theatre

We help organisations to strengthen their team and collaboration through the means of art. CAMSS implements interaction with the audience in the theatre and helps them explore different options for dealing with a problem or issue through Forum Theatre. This helps organizations in understanding and resolving various situations at work.


CAMS has been promoting applied theatre and using the elements of theatre performance to structure participatory theatre experiences for people. CAMS have been promoting both functional role plays and simulations and also drama therapy to use theatre as a democratic process for the sharing of stories in safe and structured processes.

CAMS has be utilizing applied theatre to

Promote students and teachers in meaningful dialogue about the issues and subjects under learning/discussion.

Promote and Facilitate a theater based environment whereby students can engage both cognitively and affectively with the material;

Children’s Integrated Development

CAMSS helps schools and institutes devise holistic development programs that use art and drama to enrich student’s social, emotional, physical and even academic skills, resulting in enhanced cognitive, motor and social skills. Our focus is on promoting performing arts in schools and among students of all age groups.

Life Skill Development

Drama has the capability to help students blossom into high-value individuals. It is certainly the best teacher to impart soft skills and other life skills to students. CAMSS has been effectively promoting Life skills training sessions to different school children through Drama Training sessions and outreach programmes.

Capacity Building

rt can be a form of empowerment, expression and even confidence. We at CAMSS enrich artists from all walks of lives to help them unleash their true capacity. We support social causes, help communities and individuals understand social concerns, causes for shortcomings in life and life cycle related circumstances.

Intercultural Development

The Intercultural based promotion through performances has been a core focussed area of CAMSS. We help individuals and organizations build intercultural competence to achieve international and domestic diversity and inclusion goals and outcomes.