We undertake and facilitate training programmes, conferences, seminars, workshops on performing arts, fine arts, digital arts, films other media related subjects. We also focus on awareness programmes and make people understand the importance of theater and other art forms and its relevance to society by conducting workshops, campaigns and seminars for exchange of information. We support learning and acquiring social skills by using arts and media as tools by involving children, parents, teachers and other community members. We help and guide communities to acquire information and other life skills besides basic education and equip them with practical skills for their social and economic development. We organize plays to orient communities on various schemes to create awareness, impart training in areas of education, health, employment to people belonging to socially and economically marginalized communities to improve the living standards.

The next most professionally managed component of our efforts is productions. We help organizations develop production on various themes based on the situational need by organizing field based and also closed room production workshops. We are passionate to work in multiple sectors and be more focused on development of individuals, families and community at large. We can support Government departments, corporate institutions; private firms, Universities with outreach programmes, Colleges, Schools, NGOs and civil societies.