OUR Projects


Preserving Cultural Heritage

Performing arts and handicrafts have been the keystone of the art and culture of India. However, in recent years, due to the advent of other forms of entertainment, performing arts and handicrafts have taken a back seat. CAMSS is dedicated to promoting and building a sustainable arts industry in India by enriching artists from all social hierarchies - rural and urban, privileged and underprivileged.

Applied Drama

CAMSS uses creativity as a tool for positive change. We devise theatre performance based on personal experiences and create a safe space for individuals seeking solutions for psychological challenges. We students and teachers have a meaningful dialogue about issues and subjects and to enable them to engage both cognitively and effectively with the material.

Theatre in Education

India’s beauty lies in its cultural diversity. These rich legacies must be enhanced and explored even further to upscale the quality of education and also cognitive learnings. CAMSS aims to become the focal point of such cross-cultural dialogues and promote art and cultural activities through the education system.